A specificafion and library for a Bible translation storage fromat, inspired by the BibleC format.
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Library implements the biblec2 (bblc) file format.

Implements lower-level read and write functions intended for use by format converter and reader.

See the API reference.


  • Fast and simple usage
  • Multiligual support (UTF-8)
  • Block reading (cross-chapter and book)

Usage examples


#include "biblec.h"

struct bblc_handle nasb;
bblc_open("translations/nasb.bblc", &nasb);

bblc_seek(&nasb, HEBREWS, 11, 0);

int verse_count = 5;
const char *verses[5];
bblc_read(&nasb, verse_count, verses);

// That's it!

See the test files for a working example along with a sample bblc file.