Setup instructions and files for the PHP Heb12 API
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Most of these files are not in production, and are obsolete. For info on Biblesearch, see

Heb12 API

The Heb12 API is a handy web interface for some of the existing Heb12 tools.


First, start off by cloning the directory. If you don’t have Apache or an equivelant web server on your machine, then install it via these commands (Linux):

sudo apt install apache2 sudo apt install php

Then, navigate to /var/www/html and use these commands to then install the Heb12 API:

git clone

*Note: If you want everything to be on the main html directory, then simply add a . to the end of the command.

Everything should be up and running at localhost in your web browser.

Openbibles Translation Downloader

The file with every translation is located here: Create a folder in the main directory called translations. Extract the tar contents directly into the directory you just created. This is what it should look like:

  • translations
    • af
    • ar
    • ...
  • html


To install BibleSearch, run the following command in the www directory: git clone


The API uses python-heb12 Bible CLI app written in python. For the API to use this, a file called must be created in the bref directory, with the contents:

import random_verse print(random_verse.randomVerseHuman()) test