A minimal Bible format designed for the C language.
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A minimal Bible format designed for the C language.
It uses a JS script to convert a OSIS JSON file (http://api.heb12.com/translations/json/)
to a minimal format designed with minimalism in mind.

It creates an index file, and then a text file. The index file can be used to calculate
what line a verse starts on in the text file, and it seeks to it.


mkdir bibles
wget http://api.heb12.com/translations/json/en/web.json
node compiler.js ./web.json web bibles
tcc biblec.c test.c

*Note: TCC and GCC should both work.


  1. First calculates line of Bible verse, then grabs it.
  2. Support for more than 1 verse (John 3 16-18)
  3. Support for Getting entire chapter