Flexible Bible Reference Parser
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“Flexible Bible Reference Parser”


  • No Regex or any other libraries
  • Tiny and flexible
  • One C file, one header file, no complex build system needed.

Can Parse:

  • “John 3 16”
  • “2 John 3 16-17”
  • “2 Kings 1, 3-5:2-4, 3-6, 1-2”

Cannot Parse:

By design, it cannot parse references like:

  • “John 3 16, John 3 17”
  • “John 3, Hebrews 4”
  • “John 3 16, KJV”


cc test.c fbrp.c && ./a.out

How it works:

Like a typical compiler, it parses the string into a “token”
tree. Then, it uses that to run through each token and figure out
exactly what they all mean.
There is currently no algorithm specification, but feel free to
ask if you need any clarification.